Warren Evans

* Christine DeShaffer
* Denise Sloan
* Diane Sloan
* Marlene Willoughby
* Samantha Fox [Facial]
* Terry Yale [NonSex]
* Vanessa del Rio [Facial]

* Ashley Moore
* Bobby Astyr
* David Ruby
* Eric Edwards
* Gordon Duvall [NonSex]
* Jamie Gillis
* Hershel Savage (as Joel Kane)
* Randy West
* Roger Caine
* Ron Hudd
* Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. blonde, brun, 2 guys
* Scene 2. Christine DeShaffer, Randy West
* Scene 3. Marlene Willoughby, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 4. Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis
* Scene 5. Denise Sloan, Diane Sloan, Jamie Gillis
* Scene 6. Samantha Fox, Eric Edwards
* Scene 7. Vanessa del Rio, Ashley Moore, David Ruby, Ron Hudd
* Scene 8. Samantha Fox, Bobby Astyr
* Scene 9. Vanessa del Rio, Hershel Savage
* Scene 10. Samantha Fox
* Scene 11. Vanessa del Rio, Roger Caine
* Scene 12. Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis

Jamie Gillis stars as Leopold Michael George aka Count Dracula. Leopold is having dammed himself after raping his lover (in a scene that is both explicit and disturbing), and driving her to suicide. After living in his castle for over 400 years, he decides to do away with his two vampire brides and go to America for a change in lifestyle.
Adding a brilliant supporting role is legend Samantha Fox, who has a unique dual role in Dracula Exotica. She not only portrays Leopold's lost love, but also is cast in the role of a spy whom the F.I.B. has assigned to seduce and destroy Count Dracula, named Sally. In a strange way, Sally's lethal, predatory sex practices are even more typical of the vampire archetype than the asexual Leopold. Of course, ultimately it’s Sally’s sexual power brings redemption and satisfaction to Leopold.

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