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Exploited College Girls - Shay - 18 Year old March 21

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Exploited College Girls - Shay - 18 - ASU - First Time Amateur Porn

March 22, 2012

So this is what happens when a young lingerie model, who is so busy that she hasn't even started college yet, decides to shoot her first porn movie. Instead of the usual glitzy photo studio, 18 year old Shay finds herself in a cramped hotel bathroom, putting on her makeup while this stranger with a camcorder asks her questions. The kind of questions they don't usually ask on photo shoots, like when she lost her virginity. She hasn't had a lot of different guys in her life and we'll soon see how that affects her sexual know-how. The most interesting tidbit we learn when Shay reveals that she has never masturbated with sex toys before. In fact she claims to almost play with herself. So of course that's on Jay's priority list now. After exploring her fine ass a little, Jay gets her to remove her top. Her perky tits feel perfect but more importantly this little "invasion" sends a signal to Shay that this isn't going to be an ordinary day. Her life is about to change forever. Shay knows today will be about sex, but to what extent she has no idea yet.
But before anything can happen, Shay needs some serious relaxing time. The girl is pretty nervous and tense about doing her first porno shoot. She picks out her outfit (not that it matters 'cuz it comes off in about 2 seconds...) and is told to sit down on the bed for some more talk and boob grabbing. The girl is ridiculously hot and Jay can't wait to play with her pussy and eat her out. I'd like to say that she immediately has some mind blowing orgasms but that's not the case yet. Shay is still too tense to fully enjoy herself, but it's clear from her facial expressions that she wants to cum, but doesn't allow herself to do so. Shay keeps biting her lips, either when she tries not to cum, or when she isn't sure what's going to happen next. Both happens frequently. She is inexperienced with all this and it shows - and we love it!
Then it's toys time. Remember she's never had a vibrator in her pussy so she is understandably nervous. After a little while, her eyes glaze over a few times and it looks like she has a subtle orgasm. Her pussy is soaking wet and quivers afterward, always a good sign. Time to see how she looks like with Jay's big cock in her mouth. If you squint a little during the POV you can almost imagine a young Eva Longoria sucking your cock. She gives a slow and sensual blowjob, and doesn't like it when Jay attempts to deepthroat her. He tries some other more hardcore stuff but Shay isn't ready for that yet. Okay, she's 18 and it's her first time so we take what we can get. Her big eyes on you with that cock in her mouth is enough to make you blow your load over and over again anyway so it's all good. But we do want a little adventure with her and push her boundaries, so after having Shay ride his cock (cowgirl and reverse cowgirl), our stud has her get off him and suck off her own juices from his cock. Surprisingly she does as she's told without protesting. And she's quite excited about what comes next: the two go to the other room where a comfy chair is waiting for Shay to straddle herself on so that she can get fucked doggy style. Jay takes it slow at first but resorts to some hair pulling (many girls love this) and he again makes her taste herself. Again we see a mixture of enjoyment and "what the hell am I doing?" on Shay's face. This doesn't change when Jay fucks her on the desk (!) although by now she is relaxed enough to enjoy herself a little more. But then the one thing happens that will practically guarantee that you'll never see her in a porn movie again: the cumshot. Jay claims that he "doesn't cum all that much", so when he unloads a gallon worth of sperm over Shay's face, hair, eyes, nose and mouth, the girl almost has a panic attack. She fidgets and jerks her arms around hoping to get a towel or something to wipe her cum covered face immediately. Unfortunately for her, we like to take pictures of pretty faces covered with jizz so Shay needs to endure a few more minutes with that sticky stuff on her. As soon as that's over she runs to the bathroom and tries to remove every trace of Jay's baby batter from her face. She is in no mood to chat or joke around at this point and just wants this to be over with. Too bad, really. Shay is a gorgeous girl but unless she gets a lot more comfortable with all things sex, and especially cum, porn isn't in her future. There are always those lingerie modeling jobs...if she can still get them now. I somehow doubt that. Enjoy!

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