Mu Perù Fino Season 5 1.07 X Episodio 4
ExP : 3500 X
Drop : 80 %
Bug Bles : Online
Puntos X Reset : 250
Level Para EL Reset : 350
Web >>>
Foro >>> http://muperufino.**********.com
Descarga Cliente >>>
Main Del Cliente 1.07H >>>
Msm Del ADM General >>> [email protected]

....................::::::::::: TE@MPERUFINO :::::::::::....................


. [Server] Crash Fix
. [BotPet] Fixed BotPets reappearance if calling it from Castle Server
. [Castle Siege] Fixed Lifestone destruction/recreation engine (can create new stone when ol one is broken)
. [Config] Added SCFBlockHarmonyItemsTrade to SCF_Items.ini [ItemMoveLimit] block JOH Item trade
. [Config] Added SCFBlockFFFFFFFFSerialTrade to SCF_Items.ini [ItemMoveLimit] block special items trade
. [Anti-Hack] Added new anti-hack strings related with trade and duped items to anti-hack logs
. [BotPet] Added more dialogs when BotPet dies, added more info in stats bar, logs.

. [LordMix] Fixed issue when put items in ChaosBox
. [Socket] Added config file for Socket Items
. [Item] Albatros Bow does much dmg FIX
. [Skills] New skills cant be learned by third evolution FIXED ON SCFMain
. [Potions] SD Potion Bug (back to 0) FIX
. [Tracking System] Wathermark on each package.
. [Tracking System] Now each package has signature for unpacked exe.
. [Tracking System] AutoPatch for trackin system when debuggers arent found.

. [Security] Optimized execution time for GameServers, speed but more size on executables.
. [Security] More changes
. [CastleSiege] Crash Fix
. [PvP System] Added other PvP Systems
. [ChaosMachine] Added Mix for +14 and +15
. [Protocol] Added Support protocol for 1.07 main versions
VER: 10.03.70
. [Reset] Fix on SP Reset System
. [Duel] Sometimes two different duel parties will end up in the same room
. [Buffs] Summoner Buffs can attack in safe zone FIX
. [Warehouse] Extra Warehouse Re-Enabled
. [Warehouse] Anti-Dupe Added for multivault
. [Anti-Hack] Implemented Attack map and distance detection system on Normal Attacks (fixed false positives)
. [CastleSiege] Improve Gates and Statues FIXED
VER: 10.03.60 - 18/02/2010

. [CastleSiege] Crown time FIXED
. [TradeMix] Multiple Fixes implemented
. [BotPet] Cant Enter/Invoked into event or duel map (when you enter bot exit from game)
. [Anti-Hack] Implemented Attack map and distance detection system on SKILLS
. [Anti-Hack] Implemented Attack map and distance detection system on Normal Attacks
. [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] Control of items added
. [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] AntiHack Control Added
. [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] Server Side Implemented
. [Crystal Edition][SCFVipShop] Added new SCFVipShop with interface - Client Side Implemented

VER: 10.03.54 - 11/02/2010
. [BotPet] LevelUp Mana FIX
. [Item] Added full support of all items to +15 (Implemented MAX_ITEM_LEVEL define)
. [BotPet] /botpet stats command remaked
. [BotPet] Max Level Fixed
. [WinLicense] Files now run again on Windows XP without compromise security.

VER: 10.03.52 - 9/02/2010
. [Warehouse] Anti-Flood (Must Wait 3 seconds before open it again with multivault)
. [BotPet] Allow Change Skill System (More than one skill in each BotPet)
. [BotPet] Calc Stats on LevelUp improved

VER: 10.03.49 - 9/02/2010
. [CastleSiege] Lag fixed when you enter in Crown Room
. [CustomQuest] Doesnt come mail FIX (SQL FIX + GS FIX)
. [BotPet] Inform life when life its < 40
. [BotPet] New commands
. [Server] Crash on /botpet Command FIX
. [Crystal Pack] Addons and Fixes - Crystal Pack Ready

VER: 10.03.43 [Advanced Package Only]
. [BotPet] Cant Trade or Party With inform ADD
. [ChaosCard] WPE Injection FIX
. [Server] Option added for show/unshow when gages go to max
. [TradeMix] Little bugs FIX
. [Skill] Some Skills effects attack Cannon Tower by higher rates FIX
. [BotPet] New feature BotPet only for VIPs
. [Party] SCFMaxPartyLevelDiferense Option Added
. [Server] T Bug Final Fix
. [Character] Added options for MagicAttack

VER: 10.03.38 [Advanced Package Only]
. [Security] Internal Protocol Changes
. [Crystal Edition] Preparing for release.
. [Crystal Edition] Added Main client control.
. [Crystal Edition] Added 64 new wings with their mixes.
. [Crystal Edition] Started new branch for SCF Main Addon

VER: 10.03.33 [Advanced Package Only]
. [BotPet] Initial Release
. [TradeMix] Fixed tipo issue.

VER: 10.03.29 [Advanced Package Only]
. [Protocol] PacketChecksum added

VER: 10.03.23
. [New Custom System] TradeMix (Use that not used items and transform them on cool items)
. [New Custom System] Multi Warehouse

VER: 10.03.15
. [Skill] Added Elf Aura Buffs Time Control
. [Skill] UnSleep Monsters FIX
. [Skill] Explotion Skill make more dmg
. [CastleSiege] Dont apply Summoner Buffs to Tower, Doors, Statues
. [Exp] Added 3 Different System on SCF_ExtraExp.ini
. [PK] Added PK Item Drop Options